Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Group partners with Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (CCMSI) to provide third party claims administration.  Through this partnership Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Group has become the leader in providing in house claim representatives to service our Members.  This provides for a collaborative process that better serves the needs of the Members and the BOCES.

What should you do in case of a loss?

  • Please review the procedures below to ensure that we report claims as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • To insure cost effective claims administration. The Pool Administrator and third party administrator (TPA) to protect Pool losses shall make every effort to promptly adjudicate all appropriate claims. An investigation of any potential claim shall be conducted by the TPA in consultation with the Pool Administrator or designee if there is any question of liability.
  • Member districts work in cooperation with the TPA in connection with the investigation and processing of any claims arising within a respective member district. All available resources may be utilized to assist in claims investigation including district and BOCES staff, claims adjusters, private investigators and law enforcement.

Report a Claim:

For claims relating to Comprehensive General Liability, Auto Liability & Errors and Omissions Coverage (Employment Claims):

  • Notify the Third Party Administrator (TPA) as soon as possible, but no later than seven (7) days of the discovery of an event, accident or potential claim.  Provide basic identification information to the extent possible and if applicable, including date of incident, who was involved, age, statement of facts, parents name, address, and telephone number. The District will attempt to obtain the name, address, and phone number of any potential witness at the accident scene.
  • Notify proper authorities in the event of an auto accident.
  • Do not discuss circumstances surrounding events, incidents or injuries with persons other than school district personnel, representatives of the TPA, BOCES administrative staff or law enforcement personnel.
  • Do not admit liability when an event occurs. If parents indicate they feel the District is responsible, the District will advise them that the matter was turned over to the insurance representatives and they will be in contact with the parents.
  • Assist with the TPA investigation.
  • Forward notices of intent to pursue a claim pursuant to the Governmental Immunity Act to TPA.
  •  Notify the TPA and/or BOCES administrative staff of any event involving employment claims or errors and omission claims as soon as possible, but no later than (7) days of receipt of a potential claim.

For claims relating to Property:

  • Report by means of a Property Claim Report all losses that may potentially exceed the deductible as soon as possible, but no later than seven (7) days of discovery.
  • Notify authorities of the loss promptly and supply a copy of the police report or the police case number to the TPA
  • Take any steps necessary to reduce further loss, such as boarding up broken windows, mopping up wet floors, or hiring restoration/remediation company.
  • Utilize a contractor to begin immediate repairs in the event of an emergency where temporary repairs are not practical. The District will notify the TPA that repairs are being made.
  • Provide full and complete investigation assistance to the TPA.

For claims related to Workers’ Compensation:

  • To the extent non-emergency medical treatment is necessary, send the injured employee to a member district designated medical provider.
  • Report the claim to the TPA, instructions provided below, within 72 hours of a report of injury.
  • Call the TPA immediately in the event of serious injury.
  • Forward to TPA any Workers’ Claim for Compensation forms or a notice of injury letters from an employee’s attorney.
  • Assist with the TPA investigation.


To report claims to CCMSI (all lines), you can do the following:

Fax:  To report claims via fax to CCMSI, complete the Employer’s First Report of Injury (WC) or fax the claims information for all other lines to:  303-804-2005.  You can obtain the form at the Division Website and use a fillable word document:

Email:  Send loss notices to

Workers’ compensation claims: complete the Employer’s First Report of Injury (can use the link above), attach the completed form in the email and send it to CCMSI.

All other lines:  Provide all the claim information that is email and send it to CCMSI.

On-line via iCE:  To report claims on line, please go to